Gear PicSo many media trainings happen in a vacuum — boot camps where all you learn is how to please reporters instead of leveraging them within your larger organizational strategy and goals. I cover all the basics to match or exceed any in the business (national broadcast on-air experience; 20+ years of media training expertise; customized interviews and role playing scenarios with instant video replay).

Then I take you deeper into stakeholder relations and message discipline — backed by academic credentials in organizational positioning and nationally-recognized expertise in strategic, crisis and reputation management — to guide you through crisis and non-crisis situations alike. Kreps command center - fb

Every media training includes advance consultations to customize examples and scenarios so they’re relevant to your world.  Plus I have domain expertise in fields like public health, government, technology, energy and other key sectors to strategically align your media work in context with organizational circumstances and your overall messaging goals.

Options range from one-on-one or issue-specific consulations, to large in-person workshops that feature online work-space for multiple “teams” to work concurrently on a common scenario and take turns sharing outcomes at the podium and on the projection screen.