nphic imageThanks to the National Public Health Information Coalition this week for publishing an article I co-authored with my George Mason University colleague Dr. Gary Kreps on leveraging and “ecosystem” approach for strategic communication planning. Dr. Kreps directs George Mason University’s Center for Health and Risk Communication, where I serve as a senior research fellow.

Take a look at our NPHIC article and you’ll see how we filter multiple disciplines, situations and stakeholder interests through a common Communications Ecosystem lens to align strategic priorities. We distill guidance down to three key principles:

  1. Make sure your strategy is multi-disciplinary
  2. Make sure the strategy is evidence-based
  3. Make sure your strategy is accessible to front line communicators

We also highlight the CDC’s Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication curriculum as a great example of putting these priorities to work. I hope you take a moment to read the article and see how your own communications strategy can benefit from an “ecosystem” mindset.

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