A Much-Needed Conference on Character and Reputation Politics

I was honored to help organize a conference this past week on “Character Assassination in Theory and Practice.”  Sponsored by George Mason University’s Department of Communication — where I serve as a senior research fellow — and the Department’s Character Assassination and Reputation Politics research lab, […]

How and When to Use the Word “Safe”

Authorities in Flint, Michigan say the water will soon be “safe enough” to drink after lead contamination. Meanwhile, “maybe safe” is how DC’s Metro Chief Jack Evans described his 117 mile rail network after electrical problems arose in the country’s second busiest subway system. In […]

Three “Ecosystem” Priorities for Building Communication Strategy

Thanks to the National Public Health Information Coalition this week for publishing an article I co-authored with my George Mason University colleague Dr. Gary Kreps on leveraging and “ecosystem” approach for strategic communication planning. Dr. Kreps directs George Mason University’s Center for Health and Risk Communication, where I serve as a […]

The Largest Stakeholder Group of All

I was privileged last week to lead a crisis and risk communications training for the City of New York.  Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett and other city leaders joined the Manhattan session for a broad agenda that ranged from message development and media interview skills, to building […]